Kyowa Chemical Industry Member of SETOLAS


Important Announcement

On October 1, 2022, SETOLAS Holdings, Inc. and Magmitt Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are established following the organizational reconstruction of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Please refer to the website of each company for further information.

  • SETOLAS Holdings
  • MAGMITT Pharma Member of SETOLAS


Kyowa Chemical Industry produces Magnesium compounds from a unique and environmentally friendly technology, extracting its main raw material directly from the sea water. Our products are utilized in a wide range of applications including: industrial (non-halogen heat stabilizers, flame-retardants, Acid Acceptor), pharmaceutical (Antacids, excipients, laxatives) and food additives. Our products define the highest quality and safety standards in the industry, providing technology and a competitive edge to customers worldwide.