Kyowa Chemical Industry Member of SETOLAS



Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Trademarks by Third Parties

We recently received some inquiries from customers regarding products that are not part of our product lineup. Our holding company, SETOLAS Holdings Inc. (SETOLAS)’s investigation revealed that a US website located at had incorrectly identified third-party products as being part of our product lineup. Furthermore, Knowde’s false information had prominently displayed our name and SETOLAS’s trademarks in connection with such unrelated third-party products.

SETOLAS made Knowde aware of such incorrect statements and asked Knowde to delete all posts regarding us from Knowde’s website, and to cease and refrain from any further use of our name and SETOLAS’s trademarks. Knowde promptly complied with SETOLAS’s requests.

Please be wary of websites that may contain similarly inaccurate information. KCI only distributes its products through authorized resellers.

SETOLAS Holdings Group attaches great importance to the proper protection of intellectual property rights, and will continue to promote the proper use of our trademarks from the standpoint of respect for intellectual property.

Kindly refer to the list of SETOLAS Holdings Group’s registered trademarks (