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Board message

Board message

To keep pace with these rapidly changing times, we underwent a corporate restructuring in October 2022 to create a new holding company, SETOLAS Holdings, Inc.

We became a 100% owned subsidiary of SETOLAS Holdings, Inc. and started to operate anew as the reborn Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The spirit of co-existence with the Earth as well as originality will live on as our corporate philosophy, under which we will strive to work even harder as a pillar subsidiary of the holding company.

We use seawater from the Setouchi Sea as a raw material when delivering earth-friendly products to the world.

In both our inorganic chemicals and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) businesses, we have spent the 70 years since our inception striving to develop products that will help make society and Earth better. Our products made from natural resources, such as magnesium and aluminum, are helping to resolve societal issues, for instance, through reduction of harmful substances in resin additives and prevention of the emission of poisonous gases during fire accidents. We have formed long-term business relationships with customers from more than 40 countries around the globe.

The industrial ingredients manufactured in our inorganic chemicals business are used in various applications for numerous products, ranging from cables, smartphones, and resin products to packaging film. Synthetic hydrotalcite, a resin additive, which we manufacture in Japan as well as at our overseas plants, commands a major share of the global market.

For pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured in our API business, we have established a system that ensures reliable supply of products, such as the main ingredients of "Magmit® Tablets". produced and marketed by the Group company Magmitt Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., to pharmaceutical companies across the world.

We will continue to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our business activities to the minimum, and to establish a system for product development and supply that contributes to society and the Earth at large.

We will also continue to promote these businesses jointly with our overseas colleagues in China, Singapore, India, the Netherlands, and the United States, sharing our values.

To carefully refine and master the wisdom, knowledge and treasures born from the history and tradition of the Seto Inland Sea, to become a company that is respected by the community and sought by the world, and to pass these values on to future generations.
This spirit will remain unchanged.


Kyowa Chemical Industry’s innovative efforts through the pursuit of its own unique technologies are going to pave the way to a new era.

Yours sincerely, All board members of
Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.