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Administrative Punishment in China for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

Our holding company SETOLAS Holdings Inc. (SETOLAS) found the fact that Aoke New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (嶅稞新材料科技(上海)有限会社; Aoke) in China had sold imitation products of ‘DHT-4A™’ which is manufactured and sold by us. It is assumed that Aoke had infringed SETOLAS’s intellectual property rights. SETOLAS requested Intellectual Property Office in Shanghai Pudong New Area to take administrative measures to stop its infringement.

As a result of the administrative measures taken on August 29, 2022, the following administrative penalty against Aoke were officially announced as of April 24, 2023.

Source: 信用信息详情_信用中国 (

SETOLAS Holdings Group attach great importance to the proper protection of intellectual property rights, and will continue to promote the proper use of trademarks from the standpoint of respect for intellectual property.

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