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Classified by Substance Synthetic Hydrotalcite

Synthetic Hydrotalcite

This product is Magnesium and Aluminum - based layered compound, anions such as Cl- are immobilized by ion exchange with the carbonate groups in the layers.


ALCAMIZER™ and MAGCELER™ are our brand names of hydrotalcites used for PVC as a stabilizer.
It capture the chlorine liberated by thermal degradation of PVC, and thereby greatly improving the heat stability.

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DHT-4A™ is used as halogen scavenger (synthetic resin stabilizer) for polyolefin.
It is also used in wide variety of synthetic resins and synthetic rubber. Moreover, the material has the capability to adsorb infrared light, so it is used in as the heat insulating material of agricultural film.

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DHT-4A™-2 / DHT™-4C

"DHT-4A™-2" and "DHT™-4C" are used as stabilizer in the resins processing at high temperature such as engineering plastics and rubbers.

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This product is used in absorption removal of residual catalyst of polyols, surface-active agent and plasticizing agent. This particle size distribution allows for ease of filtration of this material after usage.

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