[Classified by Substance]Aluminum  based

Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel JP

It neutralizes the gastric acid and maintains the stomach pH at around 3.5 ~ 4.2.
It is effective for gastric mucosal protection, and acts as an astringent to inactivate pepsin and trypsin. 
It is also effective for buffering the side effect from analgesic medicine.

Aluminum Silicate JP

It used for gastric mucosal protection and acts as an antacid. Its physical property can be used as a functional filler to improve the performance of free flowing, moisture proof and tableting.

GLYCINAL®(Aluminum Glycinate JPC)

It is Aluminum salt of glycine. It is used for buffering agent for gastric mucosal protection as well as cross linking agent, laxative and excipient.

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