Board message

Through our expertise in magnesium-based chemistry, Kyowa strives to manufacture and develop products that can truly contribute to the societies that we live in.

The expansion of our portfolio of safe and highly functional products is an unconditional commitment at Kyowa’s technology center. The research and development facility is based in the rich natural environment of an old salt field, located on the Seto Inland Sea in Shikoku, Japan.

We are continuously strengthening our domestic production capabilities in Japan and have established a global manufacturing footprint with plants in the Netherlands and China. This growth has required us to provide a stronger worldwide sales network through our offices located in the Netherlands, the United States, China and Singapore. These strategic locations facilitate and provide proactive, proficient and direct assistance to our clients and partners around the globe.

The harmonious contribution to the environment is also a fundamental principle of our magnesium-based chemistry, essential to life in all forms. We have mastered this technology through the control of crystals, synthetic formation of new chemical compounds and other applications.

Above all, Kyowa aims to leverage the talent of our human resources around the world in order to adapt and respond to the sustainability and innovation challenges before us. This engagement is taking us into new fields, including but not limited to agriculture, energy and cosmetics in addition to industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Kyowa Chemical Industry’s President Shigeo Miyata